Online Services


In today’s busy life style, commutation has become very expensive and also difficult due to the traffic jams and long distances. We save your botheration of time and money by providing you our Online Services. We deliver our services Globally through our virtual classroom, which is more like a physical classroom – you only need to have a device, internet connectivity, a headphone or an earphone, and trust in the system.


The following Services we provide Online:

➢ All the Energy Healing Initiations
➢ All the Courses in groups and also individually
➢ Counseling session
➢ Tarot Reading, Horoscope chart reading, Vastu consultancy, Numerology reading
➢ Past Life Regression
➢ Meditation


We keep on conducting different spiritual educational group classes time to time, whose topics are not mentioned in our course list. A selection of the topic is entirely on the basis of the divine guidance, and the knowledge we provide through these classes is completely Experiential in nature – knowledge that we have tested in our own life and have found it to be true. It is not the theory; but the knowledge that is gained through the experience – being at a higher consciousness!

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