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Difference Between God and Evil



The Earth, our planet where we live, is surrounded by the duality. Duality is something that hides the reality and divides the one thing into more than one. This duality gives rise to dual opposite forces, which are equally powerful and are equally active. These forces are – God & evil; good & bad; Virtues & vice; light & darkness; etc. This duality appears so real that it becomes difficult for a person to understand the difference between the two opposite forces. Many times, bad appears like good; evil comes wearing the mask of God and starts misguiding an individual. We start following his instruction assuming him as God and invite various problems in our lives.

It is an old saying that a tree must be known by the fruit it bears, so does the evil can be known only by observing his action. Below are a few guidelines that can help a person to differentiate between God and evil.


1.God never breaks the Law of the free will and always respects the free will of each person. Evil finds pleasure in breaking this law and always interferes with the free will of an individual.

2.God never tries to possess or control anyone, while evil does so.

3.God never force anyone for anything, while evil does.

4.God removes the fear with His love, Evil create fear at the name of love.

5.God sometimes takes time in answering the call of His child, because He delivers the best after working upon a particular thing. His gift never produces suffering. Evil is always in a hurry. He doesn’t even allow you to think the second time and fulfills your wrong wish, which ultimately produce sorrow.

6.God only removes those things from the life of His children, which are harmful to them. Evil finds pleasure by snatching something from someone.

7.When God loves His child, he creates the sky, bless the child with freedom, wings to fly, and protection. When Evil loves someone, he creates a cage of gold or iron, snatches the freedom and cuts the wings at the name of the protection.

8.God Has no ego. He doesn’t expect from His children to worship Him, bow their heads in front of Him, or to treat Him like a powerful king; rather He treats all like His children. Evil is more interested in Self praise and showing His power over others.

9.God always judge a person by the intention behind his/her words, actions and thoughts. Evil is not able to read someone’s intentions.

10.God uses His powers to strengthen the weak. He wants all His children to become independent. Evil uses his power to weaken others so that he could rule over them.

11.God supports and stands with the one, whose intentions are pure, who is innocent, virtuous, and follow the divine laws. Evil supports and stands with them who are ready to become his slaves, or are powerful in monetary terms, have strong connections, are popular and are followed by a herd of people who don’t want to use their discrimination power of mind.

12.God doesn’t like flattering words, while evil loves such words.

13.God accepts only the gift of love given with pure feelings, just to exchange love. Evil doesn’t understand love and is happy with the ones who offer him costly material gifts, or gifts of his false flattering words of praise.

14.God is the real power and He is not scared of anyone. He doesn’t need a crowd to stand with Him or to support Him. Evil is fearful from inside and needs people in his support to gain his own power.

15.Lastly God and Evil, both have no form. These are the two opposite forces that reside nowhere, but in us only!



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