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Merlin Trinity

Merlin Trinity brings Transformation in life, Helps in Releasing Things/Emotions/Relation/Beliefs/MerlinSituations that are no longer useful to us. It is a very Powerful Healing Technique. MTHS stands for Merlin Trinity Healing System. It is a system of healing that uses the power of Love and Light to Heal the Body on a Physical, Emotional and Mental level. The whole system consists of three levels and was channeled (Accessed from a higher reality) into existence by Mark (Anup) Karlsson.

The Merlin Trinity Healing System is very easy to learn and use and could be described as one of the Most Transformational Healing Modalities on the planet today. MTHS helps you to Release your Blocks, so that you may Attract New Opportunities in your life. With the help of Master Merlin’s wisdom, you become able to understand what is good for you, your Decision Making Power improves and you become able to Easily Accept the Change for the betterment of your soul and your life. It brings a Complete Transformation in your thoughts and life. It is available for all to learn and use.

Level I- Initiate Level
Level II- Trinity Level
Level III- Master Teacher Level

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