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palmistryPalmistry is the Sacred Art of Foretelling the Future by the Lines, Marks, Fingers, Nails, Size and Shape of the hand. Chiromancy relates to reading the lines and markings on the palms, whereas Chirology relates to reading the shape and form of the palms. Chiromancy, comes from the Greek word, chir meaning 'hand' and manteia meaning 'divination', literally meaning "divination through the hand". In a sense, your palm is actually a blueprint for your life's journey. Understanding this blueprint enables you to access information not only about future trends, but also about a whole range of 'here and now' issues such as relationships, health, work, money and travel just to name a few. Palmistry is an incredibly accurate tool for self awareness, predicting the future, analyzing the past and so much more. Palmistry (also known as chiromancy) is the art of discerning the character and destiny of a person by careful observation of both the shape of and the lines on the hand. Palmistry is as popular as ever because "It is a Guide to help you understand your destiny. To know yourself and others" as to your strengths and weaknesses. For "Once you understand your destiny, you can control it ­ or change it for the better." Of course that is the point of all these arts of divination. Course Content:

  • Biological significance of hand
  • Psychological significance of hand
  • Shape of hand
  • Divisions of hand
  • Reading- Fingers, Nails, Thumb
  • Mounts on the hand
  • All major lines
  • All minor lines
  • Good and bad symbols on hand
  • Counting age on hand
  • Education and profession
  • Health, relationships, carrier, age
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