Gaiadon Heart

gaiadon-heart_21Gaia is the sacred name of the Divine mother, personified as the new earth star that we are co-creating within the third dimension. Gaia exists in the fifth dimension as a brilliant star of great beauty, peace, love, and joy. As we move towards the culmination of our ascension process, we are ready to awaken the Great Mother Earth, Gaia to her Fullest Potential and Glory.

Adon is Adonai, which also means “God” or Lord of Light in Hebrew. The Gaiadon holds within its name, the vibration of the combined and balanced male and female, Goddess- God vibrations. As the gentle energy is encoded within your cells, you also feel the power of the ultimate Feminine Essence. The Mother, completely balanced with the ultimate Masculine Essence, the Father within your being.

Gaia Heart is the crystalline divine consciousness, which results from the alignment of Gaia and Adonai, and it represents the return to your original state of perfection, innocence, purity, and dignity. This assists in raising the consciousness of the Human race to the same state through the Evolution of all those who commit themselves in service to the spiritual awakening of the whole human race.



1- Module I-A

2- Module I-B

3- The Light Vortex Spin Activation

4- Module II

5- The Light Continuum Activation at the portal of Ascension

6- Module III

7- The Eternal Core Heart of Gaia-Light Activation

8- The Sorce Light Activation

9- The Prajna Light

10- The Divine Alchemy Activation


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