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Mantra Healing

mantraMantras or Simple Chants are Short Phrases packed with Energy and Intention- specifically designed to generate Powerful Sound Waves that Promote Healing, Insight, Creativity and Spiritual Growth. On a spiritual level, the repetition of sacred mantras helps one to remember and strengthen their connection to the divine within. It soothes the mind and body, allowing for a greater expression of spirit.

Mantras can tame and disarm the ego, which frequently impedes us from accessing our true spiritual nature at any given moment.
Mantras have been used for thousands and thousands of years because they are extremely powerful and effective. They utilize the sacred quality of vibration, which connects all things in this universe into one massive living matrix.

Mantras have many modes of action in the mind-body-spirit triad. On a mental level, they work as affirmations of one’s own higher consciousness and divinity, which can work to replace limiting beliefs that do not serve ones highest good. On a physical level, the repetition of mantras has multiple effects — the actual movements ones tongue makes activates specific meridian points on the roof of the mouth creating energetic patterns in the body that stimulate the chakras, meridians and higher spiritual and energetic centers. The vibration of the words and sounds also affects the body in similar ways.

In this course we Initiate you with the Power of 7 Powerful Mantras, Explain you the Concept of Mantra Healing, Meaning of each Mantra, How it works and the Right way to Chant a Mantra.

Course Content

Healing Mantras Introduction

Mantras and Karma

Mantras Increase Our Spiritual Energy In Our Chakras.

Words of Power

Some Fundamental Truths To Remember About Mantras

How To Use Your Mantra

Beeja /Seed Mantra

Chakra Beeja Mantra and Our Senses

Healing Mantras for different purposes

How A Mantra Is Formed

Mantras of Different  Religions

Initiation of Mantras

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