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Vastu Consultancy

interiorVastu is an Ancient Indian Architectural Science, designed to guide Workplaces, Houses, Temples and Other Buildings. It gives us the knowledge of devising better living conditions, which are in the harmony with the nature. When a part of a free space is isolated and confined by 4 walls, the structure of building becomes living organisms, and space enclosed starts vibrating in a particular manner and in a particular numerical order.

In Nature, Everything is Energy, either it is living or non living. Everything is connected to Everything. Our surrounding is as important for our good health, as much our life style and thought process. Every activity, we perform, carries different type of energy, so it need to be treated in that way only. Vastu helps us in re arranging our surroundings in a positive manner, which is healthy for our performance and growth.

“A building should be spaced for comfortable living, visually pleasing, and spiritually satisfying.”

Mind cannot be at peace and perform its 100%, if there is clutter in surrounding. One cannot meditate in area of traffic, same way one cannot have sound sleep in kitchen. In older times, there used to be a separate place for grieving and releasing emotions. Concept behind that was to give someone space to release pent up emotions, so that person feel light from inside and be ready to face the life’s challenges in a more healthy way. But in today’s life style, there is no such provision to release emotions, so people approach to doctors. But that too, does not solve their problem.

Happiness and Health are not gained by chance. To some extent it is karmic. But rest can be chosen. We are suffering because we have drifted away from nature.

We work upon Enhancing the Energies of your Place by Balancing the Energies of all the Directions and Elements. For this first we study your place and Diagnose the Energies of that place then we try to know the problem or disturbance you are having due to that place. We study every aspect related to your Décor, Place, your Psychology, and your requirements properly, then we suggest you the Best possible Solution or Changes that can be easily made by you. We don’t believe in any kind of destruction, we try to work in our limitations only.

We try to provide you a solution that is Low Cost, Highly effective, and Easily Adoptable by you.

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