Vastu Consultancy


Vastushastra is a science of arranging a space in such a way that it appears visually pleasing, comfortably living, and spiritually satisfying for the purpose of enjoying an overall health and prosperity.

In Nature, all that can be perceived by human senses is a form of energy. This energy, though it is invisible to the human eyes, does affect the bio-energy field of a person and is also responsible for the health conditions of that person. A nature-friendly space bestows growth in all the areas of life.

We re-arrange your space energy by making changes that are necessary, cost effective, and are easily workable. We carefully study every aspect related to your decor, place, directions, elements, your psychology, and your requirements related to the architecture.


Consultancy Fees: 2100 INR for One hour

*Our site visit fees entirely depend upon the distance, and size of the site.

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