Past Life Regression

A death comes to the physical body and not to the soul. A soul is, in a continuous life journey since ages. It only changes its Physical body – the way we change our vehicle after using it for several years. All the good and bad experiences of a soul, its complete and incomplete karmic lessons, its habits, behavioral and thought patterns, attachments, and various diseases related to the body, mind, and soul get lodged into its energy body. At the time of the physical death, a soul leaves the body along with all the baggage of the current and previous lives lived. When the same soul enters into a new flesh body, all its past experiences become a part of its subconscious mind, which start controlling a major part of its new life.

Through our Past Life Regression Session, we help you to find the cause of the problem you are facing in your current life. We also help you to heal your soul during the trance state, and to understand your Karmic learning after the PLR session.


Session Duration: 2-3 hours including the pre and post session consultancy.
Energy Exchange: 7500 INR

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