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Past Life Regression


If we look around, we can’t find any two people who have same types of situations, personality, character, habits, tastes, financial status, confidence level, etc. Have you ever had questions in your mind like- why do only I have these parents? Why am I male/female? Why do I scare in everything, while my brother does not? Why do I have to struggle to get anything, while my siblings lead an easy life? Why am I short and other is not?….. And the list is endless. So many questions are there, but we are not able to understand the answers. When we don’t get the answer, we start assuming that all these things are happening randomly and we cant do anything.

But nothing is happening randomly. Each and everything is happening for some reason, according to your blueprint, your past life’s karmas and your past learning. All you need to know is, inside you only-in your sub-conscious mind, which you are not awared of consciously. Once you understand what these karmas are, you can work upon them and free yourself from your obstacles.

Past life Regression, helps you to understand the reason of your problem, you are going through in current life, by helping you in exploring and understanding your previous lives.

A Few Myths About Past Life Regression

Even after proving itself as a healing tool, PLR still has a lot of myths surrounding itself.

  1. Past life therapist can control my mind, make me do anything and reveal all my secrets:

This has been one of the major myths, that keeps many a suffering people, away from PLR.  No therapist, however clever and crafty, can take over your mind and make you do things that go against your will. The truth is that you are completely conscious of his surroundings. The subject has complete control over himself and will not reveal any secrets or do anything until he wishes to.

  1. A trance is a state of complete loss of consciousness:

“A Trance” what is understood by many people is, a complete loss of consciousness wherein the subject doesn’t know what is happening around. In fact, as stated earlier, a subject is more aware and not necessarily will fall asleep.

  1. If the therapist leaves me in trance and goes away, I will never be able to get out of the trance:

This is one of the inherent fears that many of the subjects have. This again is purely an untrue statement. A subject always is alert and has complete control.

Our Policies for PLR Session

We don’t go for a PLR session for anyone and everyone, or just for the sake of fun. It is the Therapist, who decides – whether you are prepared for the session or not. Only when she feels, that you are prepared, you will be given an appointment for the PLR Session.

We provide pre and post counseling along with the session, to help you in understanding the therapy and your experience during PLR.

In 99% cases, the session is successful in first attempt only, but if it is not successful and you want to try again, it will be considered as an independent session, and will be chargeable.

What We Expect from Our Client for a Successful Session?

We only expect your cooperation throughout the session, and trust in the therapist.

Each Session goes for 1 – 2 hour

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