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Spiritual Counseling


A spiritual Counselor is someone, who understands the concept of spirituality, Laws of karmas, Divine Laws, and Laws of Karma and re-incarnation.

We as human beings are not able to understand why things are happening in unfavorable ways in our lives?

Sometimes, we are at fault, but sometimes not and some times we are not able to see our mistake. Sometimes we find ourselves trapped in some pattern, which we are not able to understand. Sometimes the reason is in our habits, sometimes in family and sometimes the reason is, our lack of understanding of Divine Principles.

Every situation we are going through in our life is our unlearned lessons, and unfortunately we don’t know, what the lesson is?

A spiritual counselor, through the session, goes deep into the matter and tries to find out the actual cause of your problem and guides you according to the Divine Laws. Only by completing your learning, you can actually bring changes into the situation that has become unfavorable for you.

Spiritual counseling covers, almost all types of problems like:

Relationship Issues

  • Marital- Choosing the right partner and leading a healthy married life.
  • Planning a new member in family- When to plan a baby, what to do during pregnancy and how to enjoy a healthy parenthood.
  • Issues related to Teenagers:

-Dealing with Peer Pressure
-Dealing with Puberty
-Choosing Right Career according to your Traits
-Dealing with lazy and Casual Attitude
-Addiction in teenage
-Lack of concentration
-Building self trust
-Dealing with suicidal tendencies

  • Issues related with generation gaps b/w child and parents
  • Issues related to Adults:
    -Money Management
    -Extra Marital Affairs
    -Compatibility issues in couples
    -Stress Management
  • Coping with old age problems

Health Issues – Physical, Emotional and Mental

  • Stress
  • Over Weight
  • Suppression
  • Lack of self love
  • Dealing with Guilt
  • Pain Management
  • Nervousness
  • How to say "NO" and How to say "YES"
  • Healthy life style

Other issues

1.  How to create Abundance in life

2.  Karmic counseling

3.  Leading peaceful healthy and happy life

At some stage in life we all need someone’s Guidance or Counseling. Results of counseling depends upon

  • The Wisdom/Knowledge/Understanding/Dedication level and Spiritual Growth of Counselor.
  • Receptivity of client and his/her readiness to work upon his/her situation to get the desired results.

At Mmystic Knot, we try to do our best and we need your support, so that you may actually get benefit from your counseling session.

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