Spiritual Counseling


The root cause of all our problems is, that we have forgotten our divine truth and also the divine laws that are governing our life situations. In this state of forgetfulness, we break the cosmic laws and start attracting various karmic challenges in our life. These challenges ultimately disturb the harmony in life and we face problems related to the body, relationships, mind, money, job, education, health, behavior, repeated negative patterns, and blocked ways.

We provide Counseling for different life problems according to the divine laws, karmas, and universal principles. We also help you in understanding your karmic patterns, karmic blocks, and provide the solution for the same.


We provide counseling for the Issues related to:

1. Body diseases
2. Money issues
3. Education/work
4. Relationship with – self, closed ones, and others
5. Behavior
6. Emotions
7. Over thinking – stress, poor concentration etc.
8. Negative thinking
9. Mental lethargies
10. Karmic blocks, blocked ways, helplessness
11. Repeated problematic situations
12. Incurable diseases
13. Inability of differentiating between right and wrong
14. Feeling of Isolation, lost, Aimlessness
15. Not able to listen to inner voice
16. Not able to trust in God

Duration per session: One hour
Energy Exchange: 2000 INR

* Please note that a session will be completed in one stretch only.

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