Yogasana and Pranayam


Yoga means “A Union” – A union of the body, mind, and soul. Yogasana is different body postures that bestow physical and mental health to the performer when performed in a correct way and with a calm mind. Healthy body and mind allow an individual to connect to his Spirit and transcend his being – which is the ultimate aim of the human life.

Pranayam is different breathing techniques that improve the functioning of different body systems and calm down the overactive mind. Where yogasana, majorly works upon the physical body; Pranayam majorly works upon the mind.

We conduct group classes for pranayama and yogasana. In these classes, our focus is to help the attendees to yield the benefit not only at a physical and a mind level; but, also at the soul level.


Duration for each class: One hour split in

• 10 minutes for the theoretical explanation
• 10 minutes for the meditation
• 10 minutes for the Pranayam
• 30 minutes for the Body Postures

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