Crystal Healing


Crystals have the metaphysical powers of healing. These can absorb, magnify and transmit the energy. Using certain crystal healing methods, it can help in a number of physical problems. This metaphysical healing relies on the innate powers of the healing crystals.

From as far back as the days of the legendary, a lost city Atlantis, through the ancient Mayan and Hebrew civilizations, and including far Eastern and native American cultures, crystals and gemstones have been used both in a Spiritual growth and as an aid to the physical Healing. Later on, these became important to the people of that civilization who believed in their capacity to store and amplify any power source fed into them – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Practitioners of the modern-day crystal therapy believe that the stones' ability to work as conductors allow them to focus energy via a person's thoughts to stimulate healing – both physical and non-physical.



Basic Level


Advanced Level


Master Teacher Level

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