Fusion Reiki


Fusion Reiki effectively helps in merging the fragment parts of a soul that are separated during the painful life journey of an individual. Usually, a soul becomes fragmented when it denies accepting a painful reality because of her lack of understanding about the laws of the life. A soul rejects to learn her lesson and starts living in two parts. This way, a soul loses its power and becomes weak in the challenging situations of her life. Fusion Reiki helps a soul in completing her karmic tests and by doing so, becoming one with all its fragmented parts, and thus regain her lost powers.


   Course Details   

Course Duration: 5-6 hours

Energy Exchange: 15,000 INR

Course Content:

Introduction of the Fusion Reiki

Benefits from the Fusion Reiki

Soul fragmentation



How to use the symbol

Attunement process



*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

*The above-listed prices are for the individual classes.

*There is a discount of 5% for the group classes (two students)

*There is a discount of 10% for the group classes (more than two students)

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