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Gold Reiki is the energy of a very high dimension. It is empowered by the wisdom of God; and hence, enlightens the dark areas of a being. It gradually transmutes the darkness of ignorance into the light of God’s wisdom. Wisdom is the key to remove the veil of the illusion and to find an exit path in the labyrinth of the life, where each human is trapped and is creating various kinds of sufferings for him.




    Course Details   

Course Duration: 5-6 hours

Energy Exchange: 30,000 INR

Course Content for level I, II, and III:

Introduction of the Gold Reiki

Attunement of each level


Healing with the Gold Reiki

Attuning others

Attuning objects




*Price includes the soft copy of the manual and the certificate

*The above-listed prices are for the individual classes.


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