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Pendulum Dowsing

UntitledDowsing is a Simple Technique to know Answer in yes/No. Good for beginners. Dowsing tools include 'L'­shaped rods (such as cut coat hangers), 'Y'­shaped rods (hazel or other branches), 'bobbers' (like fishing rods held by the tip), and Pendulums (a weight on the end of a length of string). Pendulums can do all that any of the other Dowsing tools can do !

Some Forces work through a Dowser's Mind and Body to make the Dowsing tool act as an Amplifier ­ so that you are aware of small body movements, such as in your hand or arm, caused by your 'Intuition' responding to the Force. This System gives you a solution to your quest ­ an answer to your question.

We use the term 'Quest' because you are seeking something ­ like the old time quest of the Knights of King Arthur's Round Table. You seek the answer to a question, the location of an object, or a direction to take. You will NOT become an expert Dowser overnight ­ or even in a few weeks. To become an expert needs lots of hard work, over months, maybe years. The important part is improving ­ getting better at using your skills.

And you will never learn if you do not keep trying ! Even as an expert, you may lose your skills if you do not keep on practicing. Here is a short list of areas that dowsing can be used: Finding water ­ this is the most traditional way of using dowsing, also known as witching or divining. Search for gold and minerals ­ this also include oil and gas dowsing and is quite widely used. Some oil companies won't admit they hire dowsers to locate rich oil deposits. Finding lost objects or missing people. Detecting geopathic zones.

Dowsing can be a very useful tool in Finding water or gas mains or finding leaks. Dowsing fruit and vegetables for freshness and contaminants ­ irradiated, sprayed or otherwise treated food will give very low life force reading. Testing supplements for compatibility with your body. Testing for mineral deficiencies or surplus. Adjusting charkas ­ for spin rate, direction, opening ratio, etc.

Course Content

Introduction Of Dowsing

Dowsing and Sub Conscious Mind

How To Begin Dowsing

The Mechanical side of the Technique

Choice of a Pendulum

How to hold the pendulum

Mental Convention

Training your tool

Asking question


Conversation With Spirit Guides

Chakras And Spinal System

Dowsing percentage chart

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