Deepawali – Lets Bring Some More Light in Us This Year

diwali-wallpaperIndia is a land of festivals, and Deepawali is one such festival that is celebrated in all the parts of India. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi (goddess of prosperity), on her vehicle owl, goes for a round of Earth and enters the most decorated, clean and bright home. So people clean up their houses, get them painted, buy decorative items; lights, furniture, new clothes for worshipping the Goddess, gifts in bulks for self and others , to please the Goddess – whether their pocket allow or not, they have to. On the day of Deepawali, almost in every house, and workplace, people arrange Lakshmi poojan, so that Goddess will decide to stay with them and they will never have to face poverty in life. People who can afford, fix up an appointment with some poojari (to avoid any fault in pooja) and people who cant afford, do it by self only. A poojari charges from 500/- to 10000/- for 30-60 minutes ritual, according to the status of the party.

Let us first understand the qualities of Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi ji, is a symbol of prosperity – which include; knowledge, wisdom, peace, harmony, money, fame, happiness, health, good relations, etc. But unfortunately for most of the people, prosperity means MONEY, as they believe its money, that can bring other things. Lakshmi ji rides on OWL- a symbol of wisdom as owl can see in darkness. That means Lakshmi ji brings light of wisdom with her, which can help us in all other things. Its wisdom, that can attract money and that too according to divine laws; its not money, that can bring wisdom.

PEACE is possible only when you are able to perform your action, without getting attached to its result.

WEALTH is not material possessions (properties, bank balance, insurance policies ets). Your true wealth is only your wisdom and God. People think that being wealthy means being secured, but no monetary wealth can actually secure your future, when the wheel of karma turns, you loose all your material possessions and left with God only. So, it is God and your good Karmas that can actually secure your future.

HEALTH is not only physical fitness, one should be emotionally balanced and mentally at peace. The irony is, for most of the people health means NOT HAVING SERIOUS DISEASE.

HARMONY in any relationship can be achieved only when each individual should is given her/his respect, space and decision making power. If all the times one person in a family takes decision for all and others have to follow, then there can be no harmony possible. WISDOM is beyond Intelligence. No book can make you wise; to be wise you need to read yourself and others, without being judgmental. Wisdom can be obtained only through self realization.

We clean up our houses, but forget to clean up minds, our unserving rituals, and our old beliefs. Cleansing should be at levels, and that too on a daily bases; we need to keep a self-check on our thoughts and actions, and need to rectify wherever we are wrong. We light up every dark corner of our house, shall we not do something to light up our inner darkness also. Blindly we are following these rituals since ages and the height of our blindness is – that we have assumed and accepted that God and Goddess also think the way, we think. We think if we will try to please goddess, the way we try with other humans, the goddess will start showering gold coins and money upon us.

We are celebrating so many festivals, without understanding the true essence of the festival. In July people were busy in pleasing lord Shiva. All the temples of Shiva, were full of devotees, then after Shivaratri, we forgot him and started pleasing Lord Krishna on Janamashtmi. 80% Indians were on whole day fasting and were waiting for Krishna Janam at midnight, as if this is the only God. Then we forgot him also and started preparation for pleasing Lord Ganesha for Ganesh Chaturthi. There was rarely a single house in Maharashtra, where Ganesha idol was not placed for 5 days. After that we forgot Him also and started pleasing our ancestors. Everybody got busy for another 15 days in pleasing ancestors by offering food and charity to some pujari, on the death day of their ancestor. People believe that, once we die, we get extra terrestrial powers, through which we can harm or save others. What an irony! We don’t value a person when the person is alive, but when he/she is dead everybody starts giving him/her respect. Immediately after this drama, we got indulge for another 9 days, this time it is goddess Durga, then Goddess Lakshmi, and Next is Jesus Christ in the queue. A never-ending process…

Now give yourself a Pause for a while and think, “what are you doing and why?” you don’t want to make efforts to change your situations, but are ready to follow so many rituals, without understanding the deeper meaning of these rituals and qualities of God. Some people in their ignorance say “we do it for God, not for us” and they think that God is dependent of these things.

God is complete in Himself and He doesn’t need this drama. If you really want to remove sufferings from your life and make God happy, change yourself and try to be like Him, then you yourself will know that there is no other God outside, it is inside you only.

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