Initiation Based Healing Courses

Healing with 72 Birth Angels

72 Angels are the 72 Names of God. 72 Angels represent 72 Divine Qualities of God, which we all need to work upon for our Ascension.72 Angel tradition started in 11th and 12th century in school of kabbalah. These Angels work with us in knowing our Special Quality, which weRead the Rest…

Ark Vidya

         Basic Level       Course Duration: 5-6 hours Energy Exchange: 8100 INR Course Content: Purpose of course Keshara Vandanam – Call for the Ark Shakti Celestial Pen And The Healing Tool Ravi Bheda Rahasya Mantra – 1 Ravi Bhed Rahasya Mantra 2 Bhakti – TheRead the Rest…


What is Yogmaya Yogmaya According to Hindu Mythology Healing with Yogmaya Who can learn Yogmaya How to learn Yogmaya Benefits of learning Yogmaya Invocation Prayer for Yogmaya Practicing Yogmaya Kriya Yogmaya symbol Healing with Yogmaya Symbol 40 days Siddhikaran process Yogmaya Meditations Initiation of Master Symbol Initiation Process

Melchezidik Symbols

          Level I            Course Duration: 6-7 hours Energy Exchange: 11,900 INR           Level II           Course Duration: 6-7 hours Energy Exchange: 13,500 INR           Level III      Read the Rest…

Melchizedek Method

Level I Explanation of Hologram of Love Activating your chakras with Natural Time Encoding The Three Breath Merkaba Unity Conscious Mudra Accessing the Time Continuum with Hologram of Love Bi-Location Activating the Pineal through Eye of Horus Creating the Ankh E.S.E. Creating Unity Consciousness The Genesis of All Forms LevelRead the Rest…

Gold Reiki

Introduction of Gold Reiki Attunement of level I,II,III Healing with Gold Reiki Attuning Others Attuning Objects

Fusion Reiki

Introduction of Fusion Reiki How Fusion Reiki came about What is Fusion Reiki Who can learn Fusion Reiki What is its purpose How to use the symbol Symbol Initiation Attunement process

Egptian Seichim Reiki

The Egyptian Seichim Reiki has its origin in the ancient Egypt. It is a very powerful healing energy. Its symbols are the Egyptian symbols that are known for their properties of the various Egyptian magical and healing powers. Egyptian gods like Thoth, Isis, Horus, Osiris, etc. were not only the great alchemists; but,Read the Rest…

Cosmic Beings – Ascended Masters, Chohans, Elohims, and Archangels

Great Invocation prayer Introduction of all the Cosmic Beings Initiation of powers of all the Cosmic Beings Different Retreats Invocation for Specific Need/Healing

Violet Flame And Twelve Rays of God

Twelve Planetary Rays : Meaning, Qualities Initiation of Each Flame Violet Flame for Personal and Planetary Healing History of the Gold and Silver Violet Flame ST. Germain’s Mantra Of The Silver Violet Flame Violet Flame Initiation- Request To Become A Keeper Evening ritual The Accordion Breath Additional Rays The FlamesRead the Rest…

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