Courses for Body, Mind, and Soul

Initiation Based Energy Healing Courses

Energy Healing is very complex and very simple all at the same time. Simple in that a Healer Directs his/her Attention, like a Laser Beam, to Heal the Energy Field of the client they are focused on (whether it is "hands on" in person or done remotely). Complex in thatRead the Rest…

Courses For Understanding the Cause and Solution of the Problem – Healing Of Knowledge and Wisdom

1-Palmistry 2-Tarot Reading Rider Waite Aleister Crowly Osho Zen 3-Angel Card Reading 4-I-Ching 5-Numerology 6-Runes Reading 7-72 Angels Reading 8-Pendulum Dowsing

Courses for Healing at Physical Level

Crystal Healing Understand your Body- Introduction to Body Anatomy and Physiology Ayurveda- Know your Body Constitution Yoga and Pranayam- Practical Exercises Course Aurvedic Marma Therapy – Reflexology Mudra Vigyan

Courses for Healing at Emotional and Mental Level

Aroma Therapy Yoga and Meditation Role of colors in our life and their impact on us Bach Flower Remedy

Courses For Healing the Energies of a place

Vastu Shastra

Other Courses

Body Language 5 Sheets- Panch Kosha Reasons of Diseases and Tips for Healthy Life style

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