72 Angel's Reading

Each of us is born on Earth with a unique quality of God. Our birth Angels know all about us and help us to become our best version. 72 Angels Reading is a method to receive our birth Angel's message for us. These are the 72 unique qualities of God, which each human being has to cultivate in self, in order to become one with God. Among all, three are your birth Angels that accompany you in all your lives. They exactly know about your strengths, weaknesses, and your soul purpose for your present life.

Our 72 Angels Reading course helps you to find out your three birth Angels through your birth chart calculations. Once you know your Angels, you also understand your own unique qualities that you are born with, but have forgotten in the long journey of life. With the help of your birth Angels, you start developing those qualities in you, start transform your weaknesses into your strengths, make your life easy and happy, and ultimately fulfil your soul purpose of human life.

About Our Classes

  • Duration of the entire course is 15-20 hrs
  • We provide both - in presence and online learning facilities
  • We not only explain the qualities of each angel; but, also teach you to channel Angel's message and healing with Angels
  • Once you are in our class, your learning becomes our responsibility

Benefits from the Course

  • This course is an initiation of 72 divine qualities of God that gradually starts transforming an individual into a higher being
  • This course helps an individual to find out his three birth angels that accompany him since his first incarnation on earth. Birth angels reveals the life purpose of the practitioner in his consciousness, and also help to fulfill that purpose
  • Every time an angel is invoked, healing automatically begins
  • Angels help to understand and heal the negative karmas of a person that has blocked his growth

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